14.09.2022, 14:00—18:00

Backstage with de Onkruidenier:
explore and design the tools of the Grassroots ecosystem

Ruimtekoers Akademie workshop: DE ONKRUIDENIER
In collaboration with community worker LENN COX

What can we learn about ecology, economics and ourselves in relation to our environment? In our living environment we are connected to much more than people. In this workshop we zoom in on the social ecosystem of grasses, birds and human inhabitants in the Rotterdam district of Spangen.

Artist collective de Onkruidenier works from the idea that we can all be ecosystem futurists. Through interdisciplinary tools and training, the collective challenges their audience to make a deep connection with the local ecosystem.

The project Grassroots, now on display at art institution A Tale of A tub, where the workshop will also take place, functions as a case study to investigate what we can learn from grasses about ecology, economy and ourselves in relation to our living environment.

Grassroots, a project by de Onkruidenier i.c.w. community caretaker Lenn Cox and A Tale of a Tub, Spangen, 2021 - ongoing, Image: Florian Braakman

Workshop & Exhibition
During the workshop you will experiment with different tools and methods to build and root relationships with people, grasses and birds from the neighborhood. Together with community connector Lenn Cox, who played a connecting role in the Grassroots project, de Onkruidenier will give you insights to explore and design the tools yourself.
We also take a closer look at the relationship between the art institution, the artist and the neighborhood by discussing what it means to develop new connections between these actors involved in community work. What role can different art forms such as performance and storytelling play, and what are the challenges?

Extra nice: Prior to the workshop, you can visit the new exhibition Grassroots: Seeds for (ex)change. This exhibition focuses on the research of de Onkruidenier into different relationships in the Grassroots ecosystem. Entrance to the exhibition is free with your workshop ticket.

Practical information
The event is followed by a collective dinner.
Maximum 15 persons per workshop.
Cost per workshop: €12.50.
Would you like to attend all three workshops of the Ruimtekoers Akademie? Then it only costs 30 euros. We recommend you to attend all three workshops and the public program of the second module, but participation in one or two is also possible.
You can purchase your ticket HERE.

About the Ruimtekoers Akademie: for the makers of tomorrow
Bureau Ruimtekoers organizes with leading artists and designers two modules with a total of six workshops, for makers who want to develop their expertise and craftsmanship in the field of participatory design, community art and cultural participation.

About the module Developing Craftsmanship
During the three workshops and the public program in the second module September-November 2022, we focus on deepening artistic craftsmanship from different participatory making and research methods. How is social impact enhanced, and what added value can this bring to your own practice? As part of this, experiences will be shared about seeking connection with governmental parties for assurance and creating long-term impact of your practice.


Seeds for (x)change

Seeds for (x)change is supported by the Municipality of Rotterdam, the VriendenLoterij Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Mondriaan Fund.