23.09.2022, 15:00—16:00

Grazing in Spangen — Walk

For this workshop, we look at the role of grass for our soil life. Ever realise that grass can be a climate partner that you can work wonderfully with when we behave like a flock? At the end of the grass season, we go on a walk with Anne van Leeuwen of regenerative farm Bodemzicht to learn to see above ground what happens below ground. During this informative walk, we graze our way through Spangen. We zoom in on what grasses actually do and how we can let grasses do their job again. We will engage in relationship therapy with heavily stressed lawn grass and learn from Anne what skills we can use to make grass grow 2 metres high again.

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Anne van Leeuwen (1987) studied art history, cultural analysis and biology. She is co-founder of Bodemzicht farm. Her main focus is coordinating the Bodemzicht foundation, but she also continously works at the farm. The idea for Bodemzicht emerged from her search to bring natural and cultural worlds together. "During my studies I struggled with the division between nature and culture. Working at ARTIS I discovered that storytelling is at heart of transformation. With a growing sense of urgency, I decided it was time to start a fundamental and earth-bound ecological learning place."

In 2020 we started our regenerative demonstration farm Bodemzicht ('Soil perspective') at landgoed Grootstal, right next to Nijmegen. Our mission at Bodemzicht farm is to facilitate life in such a way that it results in an abundance of high quality and tasty food. Regenerative agriculture grows top soil, sequesters CO2, build communities, increases biodiversity and ensures an honest salary for the farmers. Together with Bodemzicht foundation we work on changing the perspective in Dutch agriculture: from boundless, degrading monocultures to grounded, resilient farm enterprises. We think this involves no less than a culture shift, in which we can learn a lot form indigenous cultures and from plants, animals and microbes. Bodemzicht farm starts from 21st century challenges as climate change, biodiversity loss and the farmers' crisis and translates these into carbon positive, biodiverse and profitable agriculture that revolves around communities.


Seeds for (x)change

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