As of today, June 1st, cultural institutions in The Netherlands are starting to reopen. June is going to be an exciting month for A Tale of A Tub: we are hosting a symposium on interspecies politics on June 13, and the double opening of Antye Guenther’s exhibition Institute for Cognitive Prosperity and the group exhibition Grenouille du Sang on June 27. To celebrate cultural life gradually crystallising again, we are collaborating in the project Unlocked/Reconnected, which aims to reflect on institutions as “houses of art”, connected with one another throughout the country. We are pleased to contribute with the work Tapetum Lucidum by Müge Yilmaz:

Amidst a pandemic that has physically detached us from one another yet raised awareness of other-than-human living forms, Müge Yilmaz’s Tapetum Lucidum helps us interweave a conscious relationality with our surrounding living environment. We perceive the trees and the trees perceive us; in an uncanny yet compelling manner, a reciprocity between humans and other living organisms, dwellers within the same ecology, is established. From A Tale of A Tub, we are trying to extend our institutional ecology toward a conscious acknowledgment of our neighborhood ecosystem. We believe that the (re)connection that is slowly taking place needs to not only happen on a human to human level, but also by raising a far-reaching awareness of fellow organisms.