26.11.2022, 14:30—16:00

Weaving and Interweaving — Workshop

Sowing, growing, harvesting, processing, grinding, folding, weaving. Artist Suzanne Bernhardt engages with the many different stages of the grass cycle and its processing in her practice. During this concluding workshop, we weave several of the dried grasses from the Grassroots programme into a collective mat. Through various weaving and folding techniques, we will explore our connection to a place. We wrap up the afternoon with a collective taste experience that we share, sitting around the interwoven grasses.

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Suzanne Bernhardt's multi-disciplinary practice always originates from a specific location. Fieldwork, material experiments and immaterial memories from people form the fundamental basis for this collaborative work. Suzanne uses trace as an act and as an artefact to translate the moving, the inquiry, the path into the solid, the residue. These residues become the speculative players of performances, food events, workshops, film, and settle into everyday life. During her recent residency at the Jan van Eyck, she became curious about local cereal culture and reached out to farmers, millers and bakers in the Limburg region. She embarked on a milling apprenticeship at the van Tienhovenmolen windmill in Bemelen to learn how to grind grains into flour. This experience opened her to milling’s slow beauty of transformation through wind and stone and the history of milling culture as the first step toward humans and machines growing together. Through baking bread, weaving mats, milling grains and making soap, these stories are shared in gatherings that offer a taste of the local landscape.


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